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Prowler Training


What up what up

Im following a linear progression proram similar to bill starrs 5x5, and I don't know where to place conditioning around the program which is M W F. I dont want my conditioning to alter the effectiveness of linear progression so my question is,

If you were me, where would you place your conditioning?

(I am by no means fat. I am 6'4 205 lbs and I want my conditioning to reflect cardiovascular strength as opposed to endurance, so most of my cardio will come from prowler work or sprints.)


do it as often as you can without exceeding your ability to recover from the workouts and perform well on the lifts. I can do prowler every day as long as I don't get into that major lactic acid zone where nausea usually follows... that wears the fuck out of me for days and improves my lifting negatively, so I only do that 'prowler flu' shit when I'm feeling frisky.


im doing 531 and using the prowler as part of my conditioning. I dont use too much weight and keep the rest intervals short. Stick to things like prowler suicides to get your conditioning levels up and save the weight for your squatting.