Prowler Substitutes for Small Gym?

I’d love to start training with prowler but I don’t have one and neither does the gym I go to.

The gym I go to has very little space, so I can’t really make any of the substitutes I’ve found online so far.

When I’ve read the Prowler Challenge in Forever, it looks like the ideal program to improve my conditioning and I’d love to do it but I just can’t due to lack of equipment.

Any thoughts? What about treadmill hill sprints?

Thanks in advance!

Ps. If anyone wants to chip in on other Forever programs that have been great for their conditioning feel free to comment. Having been back in the gym for only a month now, I’ve realised I need to focus on this.

Unfortunately a prowler is essential to the prowler challenge. If you read the second paragraph again on p. 170, It says it’s specific challenge that aims for a specific distance done in a specific time.

Definitely don’t do treadmill hill sprints.

My recommendation, based on…

… is to just do any program and follow Jim’s guidelines for conditioning, which is always more than 0 conditioning days per week.

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Closest thing I can think of would be deadmill sprints.
Turn the treadmill off at the switch and power the belt with your legs. They are hard and they suck the life out of you, but it’s still not quite the same because it’s not weighted.

Also, the gym owner may hate you for it so ask them first

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You have your answer then. Either get the equipment required, or choose another program.
Titan is selling a prowler for $170, that you can break down and transport, and it’s in stock.

Shit, I’d buy it for myself right now if my gym didn’t have one