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Prowler Substitute


Hello CT ! :slightly_smiling:

A short question, the search function can't help me.
In some programms e.g. 10 day layer cycle or HP mass you use a prowler.
I don't have a prowler. What should i do instead of prowler work?

Thank you for reading:)


Get creative. Google for homemade dragging sled. Easiest is an old tire, a vehicle tow strap, weight belt, and sand bags from the home improvement store. Some people do place pushes (put a 45lb plate on the floor and push it.)
If you are in a commercial gym, talk to the least d-bag trainer and see what your options are.
I made a small sled out of a section of 2x12 and a big bolt, (for stacking plates) with a piece of PVC decking fascia on the bottom with construction adhesive. I drag it and push it on carpet in my basement or on grass when we can see the grass.


I built a tire sled like the one in this link. Works very well! It's lasted me a year so far.



It's not the same this per se, but I would recommend subbing in some loaded carries. It can be as simple as picking up heavy DBs and walking.


I second this! Loaded carries are awesome. :slightly_smiling:


Dan John just mentioned a good one in the comments in his last article: push a car. Those are readily available most places