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Prowler Sled/Wheelbarrow Reccommendations?

Does anyone have any recommendations on a weight sled to buy for the conditioning in this program? Ideally it would fit 1" Nonolympic plates and have a wheel attachment for wheelbarrow use and grip strength.

I don’t know any prowler with a standard hole size. You need the bigger size for the uprights and the middle “collar” usually has quite a thick screw it in to support the weight.

Basically anything by someome reputable will do. Cheap ones usually havr thin walled steel and atrocious welding so keep away. 40kg+ (depending on design) is usually a good sign.

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I saw a couple made by Rogue fitness I may look at. I just wish I could find a cheaper solution to buying all these olympic plates!

You can usually pick up good black friday deals.