Prowler/Sled Training

I have a prowler shipping to the house and will be here in a day or two.

Long story short: My cardio is shit and I can’t bear the boredom of long distance cardio, so I’ve always done sprints of one form or another. Lately I’ve taken to the stairmaster and just trying to get a good sweat going before I lift (5-6 mins/400 stairs) but nothing overly taxxing as I’ve been in a deficit or at maintenance for months now.
I can’t high rep squat or deadlift to save my life, and frankly all leg movements >12 reps has my legs dying regardless of weight… I have managed to do a few 20-rep squats at 275 but not with my 10RM (315) as prescribed for “true” breathing squats. I guess what I’m saying is that I recognize high-rep leg movements is absolutely my weak point.
I’ve always done bodybuilding/powerbuilding type training routines and I’m a relative noob to most cardio/energy systems and prowler/sled work.

I need to have better conditioning all around, but also would like to use this as an implement to help burn some extra calories. I wouldn’t be turned off at the idea that this could also build up my legs a bit more, though my legs are already big(ish). I’ve read into the 5/3/1 Prowler Challenge (5/3/1 Forever) and think this may be a good way to go assuming I can hang with the prescribed weights, but I have little other reading material revolving around this piece of equipment… So I was hoping one of you beautiful people might have some advice for me.

What do you all recommend to burn calories, improve cardio (V02 max?), and maybe add some muscle?
(I can add in any muscle groups not targetted by sled work myself, let’s just call this “accessory work” like Jim Wendler would.)

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Use the prowler to do this (Livisleds)


I’d not worry about any of these and set a performance goal that you know will achieve the above. For example:
There is a 100ft course. I want to push the sled (loaded with what ever is challenging) up and down it 10 times in 15mins. Then start working on getting to this goal. On the way you will burn calories, improve VO2 max (and other CV fitness markers) and get bigger legs.

As an idea - I would suggest there is a “sliding scale” of time taken to complete a push (directly correlated to weight of the sled) and desired result. For instance sub 10 second efforts are more strength related and 120 second bouts are more fitness. But being at one end of the scale does not mean the other end is not getting any love. On this note - I’d aim for 30 seconds or there about. And over time work on bringing rest periods down.
30 on 90 off
30 on 75 off
30 on 60 off

The key thought will be in the effort not the plan.