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Prowler Questions

Where do you guys typically use these? What type of surfaces can it be used on? Does it fuck up grass/concrete?

Pretty much any surface except a WOOD gym floor will do. I have found though that the friction difference between pushing/pulling on carpet and asphault to be about 2:1. I have also found that having a second set of feet with a carpet layer on the bottom DOES work on wood floors without fucking them up.

So outside on asphault I will use 2 plates and get the same results as four plates inside on the carpet.

I do not know what it would be like on a concrete floor…

Hope that this helps you out a bit…

remember…Push, Pull, Puke, ProwlerFlu! ®

I use mine on the grass when I’m at home, it does NOT mess it up IF you load the plates on the back of the prowler. If you load the plates on the front the prowler will dig into the ground and potentially create holes, or tear up the dirt/grass. Keep the weight on the back and you are safe… If you even need weight, grass has a very high friction level.

If you use it on concrete be aware of the fact that it will leave rust streaks. My drive way is full of them and now looks like crap. I now push mine on the ashphalt street to avoid it.

Thanks for the replies everybody… I’m speculating possible places to use it, as I live in heavily urban area.

Find a park, thats where I go. Im not about to shred my driveway.

[quote]cally wrote:
Find a park, thats where I go. Im not about to shred my driveway.[/quote]

I tried the driveway for about 6 seconds and saw that it was leaving marks.

Then I tried the alley behind where I live, and someone complained about the noise (its loud on asphalt)

So I finally went to the park across the street. I was worried I would tear up the grass, but its perfectly fine AND it provides the perfect about of resistance unweighted for the exercises I’m doing.

I replaced my metal skis with the nylon / plastic skis designed for a rubberized running surfaces. It lives on my gyms track now.