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Prowler Pushes


Hello everyone I recently started doing prowler work twice a week to get my conditioning up and to get down into a lower weight class for boxing. My question is would doing prowler pushes twice a week be enough to drop fat and to noticeably increase my conditioning? I train very hard on the prowler,usually to the point where I feel nauseas. Any help is very much appreciated. Thanks


as far as conditioning goes the prowler is a great tool for that, when it becomes easy add more reps or shorten your rest times. Moving down a weight class will require you to dial in your nutrition, plain and simple. Try looking up carb cycling on the search engine here, or browse over on EliteFTS.com.


Alright so if I get my nutrition where it needs to be combined with Prowler pushes 2 times a week I’ll be able to drop fat and get into the lower class? Thanks for the help


Dropping weight can be done in several ways.

Dropping calories
Adding work (lifting and/or conditioning)
Cleaning up a dirty diet

Or a combo of any of those.

If you need some help dropping weight, you’ll have to give more information. If it’s a small % of your total weight it can probably be done with water restriction before a fight. If it’s more than water weight, you’ll need a combo of the above.

I’m more for doing more work (to a point) before cutting calories. I feel it allows more strength to be saved.


The prowler is frickin awesome and definitely one of my favorites. I use it for intervals in the following manner.

6-8 sets: 35 yard maximal sprint pushing the prowler (Rest 60 seconds and then repeat)

I definitely suggest getting a few more interval/cardio days in if you’re trying to drop weight because 2 days a week of intervals probably isn’t going to be enough. But keep the prowler to no more than 2 days a week. There’s plenty of other methods for interval training to decrease body fat, but that’s a whole other post in itself.