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Prowler or Sled Dimensions


Ok here goes, I can't afford to go buy a prowler. But I have access to some steel tubing and know a good welder. I was hoping somebody out there would have the measurements or specs for either a prowler or a sled.


There's a thread on fortified iron with plans for a prowler. Should be on the first page of the powerlfiting sectino.

PM me if ya can't find it.


I'm bumping this back to the top in hopes that I get some more replies.


Register a name and a password @ www.fortified-iron.com . After you do that check out this link.


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This is just a drawing. the triangle pieces are 4 feet long, 2x2 steel. the foot plates are 12x8. and the bars for the "push" handles are 10" and 20" high.


Until this thread I thought that a prowler was usually a criminal.
So WTF is a prowler in this context?




Ouch! 500 dollars for that thing including shipping? You have to have some disposable cash just burning a hole in your pocket...



That one is much cheaper(shipping wise), wouldn't know how it compares to original one(my gym has the econo prowler, I don't blame them).

They look quite simple to construct; anybody with a bit of welding knowledge and access to the materials(home depot or lowes) would be able to construct one. Heck, I took welding in middle school and I think I could easily construct this.



Bumping this thread coz I'd like to build a prowler as well. The fortified iron link doesn't seem to work anymore...


I would also like the dimensions...someone help a brother out! Thanks


thanks for the heads up


Bump. Signed up for Fortified-Iron and keep getting the error message when trying to follow that link. does any one have the plans that they could pm me?


Here is one I had made. Cheap $$$.





Dude, that's badass. You mind giving me the specs? I'm opening my own personal training studio and I share warehouse space with a welder who happens to be my best buddy that already built me a power rack, so I'm trying to sucker him into this. Also, you in New Braunfels, Texas?


Where are you in Texas?


Whiteflash....scroll down this page a bit(training parameter for prowler) and you'll find someone made a blueprint for one. I made one of my own and just guesstamated. One note though, if you will be transporting it in an SUV, make sure it's narrow enough to fit. I made sure I measured my wifes Hyundi width before I started cutting up the steel for my own.

The pic of mine is in My New Baby thread at the end to maybe give you more ideas. I used round steel tube leftover from work stuff. Took about six hours, with beer breaks of course. If I made another one I could do it quiker. A pro could do it in less time.


WOW ! how often do you need to repave that shit !?? i hope you made it so the slids can be changed easily or i think youre gonne be sorry when they are worn down..


I have been using it a bunch and the street gets torn up but the skis are doing fine...they might wear down but it will take a while and I can easily weld on another piece. Replacement skis from Elite go for $65...i can probably get under that. and for the street after it rains the marks are gone bc I always drive by that spot. we'll see.