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Prowler Leg Workout Suggestions


Just got my prowler, well its at my house and im at work, but anyway guys im looking for some suggestions for different ways to use it to work the hammys and quads. is their any info out their on different pulls/pushes to isolate the different groups.


Why don't you just go to the prowler website or look at the instruction manual?


all I got is lunges on my quad day

and Bear crawls on ham/glute day


Check out CTs HP Mass program. He has an entire section where he discusses sled/prowler uses that target quads, hammies, and even calves.


If you can put some kind of straps on there, backwards walks in a semi crouched position for quads and forward drags and pullthroughs for hams


Sounds great. Thanks for reminding me about where i saw the different drags on CT's HP. Thanks for the worthless advice Bunny Bench!