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Prowler for Recovery Work?

How would I use the Prowler two to three times a week as a means of recovery and light conditioning (reps, weight, distance) as opposed to heavy work for max effort training

First off, I don’t know how on Earth you could use the prowler for a Max Effort. I feel like that would involve a trip to the hospital and a slow drip to get the Rhabdo out.

Anyway, I drag a sled/push a prowler at least 3x a week. My training days are:

Sunday:DE Lower
Tuesday:ME Upper
Thrusday:ME Lower
Friday DE Upper

I like to wave my prowler weights through the week from heaviest to lightest weights and shortest to longest distances. So, usually on mondays I will push a very heavy prowler or pull a very heavy sled for a few trips of 60-100 feet. Heavy for me involves stuff like the 500 Challenge (sucks) and/or a dragging sled with 400+ lbs.

Wednesdays are my medium prowler day. I’ll do stuff like 3-4 prowler suicides with 200-300lbs or drag a medium sled (200-300lbs) for a couple trips of 100+ feet.

Saturdays is my light sled work day. I like using this day to drag a very light sled for a mile as fast as I can.

These are just some examples of what I do. What seems to work well for everyone is waving the weights (heaviest after low intensity, high volume work and lightest after high intensity, low volume work).

Walk with it. Light, short trips that don’t leave you particularly winded. For upper body stuff do the same only attack some sort of rope to the front and do rows and presses with it.

I do a full body training two to three times a week with the same excercises so I was wondering if I should just do a few 100 or 200 foot trips with light weight… my max effort I meant short trips with a heavy weight not one push with 1000000 lbs haha

There’s a challenge at the gym Tim Henriques and his team train at. Max weight prowler drag for ten yards (or ten feet? I can’t rememebr. Pretty sure it’s yards though). I think he just wrote about it too. I think that’s a pretty decent example of “max effort Prowler.”

But agreed, max effort isn’t exactly normal Prowler usage.

On my recovery days, I don’t have access to a Prowler or anything, but I do walking treadmill “pushes” (with the tread off and a steep forward lean) forward and backward (pressing my back against those handle things for the heartrate) for timed intervals. It’s pretty low-effort but provides about the same resistance as a 30lb sled in grass.

A low-effort walking timed or distance Prowler push could work well for recovery and should add work capacity training without killing the lungs. But since there’s no eccentric in a Prowler, you could do sprints without getting sore or affecting your recovery as well.

I really should get on replacing my broken sled, though.