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Prowler Finisher?


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I don’t have a “go to” program, especially not a ,“finisher” because I don’t really believe in finishers.

For me “finisher” entails doing something solely to kick your ass your gass yourself out. I believe that everything you do should have a specific purpose. Train a movement pattern, an energy system, a muscle group, a skill. Driving yourself into the ground or making yourself puke if not a goal.

When I have someone do prowler work (or farmer walk, assault bike, rower) it is with a very specific purpose in mind. It could be…

  1. To build muscle (slow movement focusing on muscle contraction for 30-60 sec)

  2. To improve anaerobic power (very intense efforts lasting less than 12 seconds)

  3. To improve anaerobic alactic capacity (intense efforts lasting 12-30 seconds)

  4. To improve anaerobic lactic capacity (intense efforts lasting 30-70 seconds)

  5. To improve anaerobic endurance (moderately intense efforts lasting 70 secs to 2-3 min)
    (2 to 5 use a moderate weight; 2 - 4 are fast or very fast, 5 is walking speed)

  6. To increase strength (heavy efforts for 9-20 seconds)


thank you