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Prowler Conditioning Carryover to Running Endurance?


Gonna try and keep this simple: cutting back running mileage during a strength block (cowboy method- variation of texas method with more volume) and wondering if I replace my normal running days with prowler work will I be able to maintain and possibly improve running? By running I mean distances of up to 2 miles for time and occasionally 3-5 miles, which i realize the latter distance of 5 will probably benefit less than the 2 mile. Current running times: 1 mile-6:10, 2 mile-13:25, 5 mile-37:30.

I found a prowler program that pairs with the texas method on a reputable crossfit site (they actually follow a solid strength progression) that I was thinking about using to replace my running and maybe adding in up to a mile before and after the prowler work just to keep my stride and running form in check. Below I’ll list the prowler program info from the site. The site says you can adjust the days some and do the prowler work on days you lift or don’t lift depending on works for you, but here is the example they provide, I may do the prolwer work on days I don’t lift if I add in the short running before and after to keep from overloading 3 days a week as opposed to working out 6 (3 lifting, 3 prowler/run conditioning).


5X5 on main lifts


Prowler work:

10 x 25 meter trips (with turn around at half way point) with moderate to heavy load. Rest 2 minutes between efforts.


80% light work on main lifts

Prowler work:

3 minute on 3 minute off for 3 rounds with light load. Prowler weight should not be heavy and athlete should be able to easily walk with the prowler for all the 3 minutes without stopping. Light work in this time domain does an amazing job of recovering the athlete from Monday’s squat volume.


5RM on main lifts

Prowler work:

5-10 x pushes for max distance with rest as needed. Load the prowler as heavy as possibly and push until the prowler stops. Rest as needed and repeat. The prowler should be loaded heavy enough that the distance covered is around 10 meters on the first effort before the athlete cannot push it. These are all out short efforts much like the 5rm strength work. Push as hard as you can until the sled stops. recover fully and repeat.


You will not increase your time in the 2 mile run, or any distance for that matter, by using the prowler and not running.

Keep in mind that the body becomes it’s function. That is to say if you run a lot you will get better at running. If you use the prowler a lot you will get better at pushing heavy things. That is not to say that you can’t use the prowler while you are attempting to improve your running (those specific distances). But the use of it will not help you in any way and may hinder you regarding those distances.

In short, you will serve one master well and cheat the other one. My best advice is to cycle your training so that during one phase you are increasing your strength and during another phase you are improving your running. In the end if you try to do both you will help neither.

Best Of Luck To you,