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Prowler Challenge and Belt Squats


Hi Jim, I’m 6 weeks post shoulder surgery #3 (out of the sling today).
I haven’t been doing anything at all and I think the prowler challenge will be a good idea to get some conditioning back and lose some gained weight.

I can’t push a prowler so I’m going to drag a sled instead.

I can’t do any upper-body work and I also can’t use a SSB.

Do you have any recommendations for programming belt squats during this challenge instead of the 531 workout?


Now I’m not an expert or anything, only been training for two years(about 6 months with 5/3/1), but I recommend making sure that shoulder heals up nicely before doing anything too physically demanding. For the respect of Mr. Wendler I won’t post the link, but there was an article called “8 Minutes to Awesome” on tnation that talks about doing body weight squats with post surgery clients and having some nice results. I know it might be hard to fight temptation of going to the gym and trying to better yourself, but given limited information on how serious the surgery was (I’m just jumping the gun and saying super serious) don’t do anything dangerous or risky.


I appreciate the input! I’ll google the article. Thank you!