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Prowler and Sled Replacement

Hi there, well i started the hardgainer ver. of the 5/3/1 but there´s no prowler or sled in my gym, so i was wondering how that could be replaced?

As others have suggested, I’m doing hill sprints as a replacement. I have a hill close by though to where I live so it kind of works out.

I live in a really flat city to say the least, but sprinting could do the work?

Go early in the morning when crowds are low and push one of the.flat benches around.

Can´t, there´s no room for it.
I replaced it with double leg entries (bjj guy here) this week, but im still open to suggestions.

There’s really no replacement for the sled, if you have the funds investing in one would be a good idea. Can use it a ton of different ways.

I’ve been tempted to skip this exercise altogether (at least my replacement exercise of hill sprints), because by the time I get to it I’ve already been working out for about an hour. I don’t like the idea of working out for more than an hour.

One way to replace prowler or sled work, is towels, Lay a towel down on a basketball court and put your hands on it, and do a sprints this way, gives a similar feel to a prowler more of an emphasis on conditioning though

And I’ve heard of some who will put a towel down and then put 1-2 plates on it and push it around as well.

Go to a junk yard and get a large tire, - tie it to something - rope/ chain -and pull it- add weight on top when ready. You might have to fit a piece of wood in the center to load.
Buy a backpack- go to home depot- and buy 50-100 pounds of sand. Put the sand in the pack and off to the races.