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Prowler Alternatives?


Anyone have any suggestions on a prowler alternative?
Or could someone point me in the direction of another post?

I used to push a VW bug with my dad when I was in the J.O. but I don't have a light car, lol.


I just get a box thats designed for jumping on and put a lot of weight on it. And then I push it around. Just be careful not to tip the weight off


Then man up and use a heavy car!


Lol, guy. I said prowler alternative, not car alternative!

A box sled...I will try that. Thanks.


milk crate.. put heavy shit/weight plates (45s may not fit) and push it. I even made a rope attachment so i can do sled pulls with it. Im sure there are better solutions but for a jobless teenager like myself it works pretty well.


You can do sled pushes with that, too. Get between the sled and the rope and voila. If that makes any sense.