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Prowler 2 Sled Dimensions

Can anybody give me the exact measurements of the prowler 2 sled? Not just the height width and length but all the measurements of everything, haven’t been able to find them anywhere, it would be much appreciated. thanks

why don’t you buy one. Then you’ll have all the info you need to rip off the design…lol

Because I live In canada and shipping is atrocious to here, I also want it to be as close as possible in dimensions so their add ons will fit, its for me, not like im selling it.

Why not do this… Set up a PO box in a border town then order the sled delivered to the PO box. Then you take a “fishing trip” to the said border town and pick up your stuff? I mean go all “Jason Borne” on that sled man… how bad do you want it? lol

on a serious note have you considered making a sled out of an old tire? I made one and it kicks my ass. I can’t push it like a prowler but it still is really cool and it was made for next to nothing. here’s a pic. Ghetto, sort of but you can use it to beat on with a sledge hammer too. Try that for 2 min at a time :slight_smile: also one can “keg toss” it into the air. Take about kettle bell swings on acid.

also check out west cary barbell . com they have a “growler” which MAY be less expensive to ship.