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I was wondering if anyone has had experience with proviron? I thought it would be more efficient than the typical cycle of novadex or clomid and HCG but I've read that it's particularly hard on the liver. I thought maybe this was due to using it too long or taking too much. I've been told that starting 5 days into the cycle with 25 to 50mg taken two on two off finishing two to five days post cycle was plenty but the article suggested daily use of 50mg through the cycle and finishing a week after the cycle.


In my opinion Proviron should never be used as a anti-e. 1. you have to use it in a high dose (150mg per day) not even to come close to what one 50mg pill of clomid does. 2. Proviron hasn't been a "proven" anti-e by anyone. As in no one knows how much an effective dose of Proviron would be? Proviron is mainly used as a hardening drug, before a contest. Even though I do not compete I take it through out/or the last part of my cycle so I don't look so bloated.


I agree! Some love this product and some don't. The reason is stated above. Some people expect too much of this drug. It is not a great choice as an anti-e or a great post cycle option either. It is better to take Proviron with a few other things for best results. If your gonna use it post you'll still need Clomid or HCG.