It?s not related to a cycle because i?ve never been in one but…

I?ve a almost chronic hormonal imbalance and my E?s are sometimes a little above normal. Doctor said that there is no need to take pills because it?s not really a significant problem. But when the levels rise i get some fat on my tits and the aureolas get somewhat bigger and it?s me not him the one with the weird looking chest.

A friend suggested Proviron instead of traditional anti e like tamoxifen because he says it?s safer and will also give me a harder look. Is he right? From what i?ve read it seems not so much dangerous.


Proviron isn’t better than clomid, novadex and arimidex. As far as having the ability to give a user a harder look I’ll have to agree with that statement. I have used it successfully in the past and it seemed to give me a harder look, but I never used it solely in a cycle as my anti-estrogen.

Hey E,
What dose did you run each day and for how many weeks.
I was gonna 20 only 50mg for the last 2 weeks of my next cutter just to see about the hardness thing?
Is that enough?

Proviron is an ANDROGEN! Androgens supress natural T and will shut down your HPTA when used a week or more.

Nolva is going to help the situation of low t / e ratio… that’s your problem. you need to lower estrogen.

Have you tried a stack like Tribex/M? that would help a lot. I actually liked M alone much better. I say take 6 caps / M 2 times / day.

M contains:
Calcium D-Glucarate - back door to remving estrogen from the digestive tract (and removes test, but there is so much more test who cares)
Vitex - may lower prolactin in men and also stimulates LH (preferentially over FSH). So it potentiall can increase T.


Is it powerful enough to supress hpta?
i read some medical notes saying it?s used with guys with low T levels because it doesn?t affect natural production, some people also told me the same but then you said this, BigCat says the same in his review…i?m pretty confused…

Anyway if i go for the harder look, it?s ok 25mg twice a day for 6 weeks, and then reduce the dosage progresively for 2 weeks while adding clomid?


There is controvercy over DHT compounds. Accepted studies show its 8 to 10 times for Androgenic in Vivo than Testosterone. Normally, the more androgenic the more your going to be shut down and have a longer post cycle recovery (this is due to both estrogen and androgen feedback). Deca is an exception… its got a prolactin problem.

Thing is with DHT, even though its very androgenic, for some reason it doesn’t shut you down quite as bad as testosterone in some studies (even though it is 5-AR’d test!). Mabye because its easy for the body to change DHT to a non-active compound and back again at will… any event, its going to cause a big spike in you free test and that will have positive feedback on HPTA and shut you down. no free lunch!

Thanks for the clarification.

What about what i propossed doing? what would you change? any idea? Based on the no shut-down idea i suppose i was being pretty cautious, but now i have some doubts.


proviron is an androgen;that means in order for it to work,it must attatch to an angrogen receptor. so theoretically inhibition will be caused by this.

Proviron isn’t lake taking HALO but any AAS is dangerous without medial supervision. Mabye your endo can actually prescribe something. I would wait until I spoke with him first.

My doctor doesn?t care. So i?m left alone in this…

I deal with the extremes when it comes to Endos…my former endo ( now retired ) was pill happy, he got pills for any problem know to man. This guy unless he sees you lactating won?t order a blood test…


Is Proviron supressive? I was thinking about trying it for a little libido kick? I was told that it may free up T, as well.