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Gents, thoughts on this? I was reading how its common for people to run this to keep estrogen low and freeing up more test in the body. I noticed that its not really suggested around here, any particular reason why? If one were to run it, what dosage and for how long? What I'm looking at is 25mg tablets.. My adex is on its way so I still plan on using that with my 500mg of test cyp and hcg..


it is not effective at lowering estrogen.


Ok, so its basically a waste of money?




Cool, thank u sir. This is why I ask lol


Yep. I ran it once along side test...then stopped...might as well have been sugar pills. And it was straight from the pharmacy lol


have run it up to 150mg ED. It does pretty much nothing, except some added hardness. Nothing too fancy, you barely notice it is there.


Nice... Thanks guys, appreciate the feedback!


well im from greece and pharma grade proviron is really cheap here i dnt know proviron price in USA..if it is cheap too there..u dnt lose anything too added in your cycle...i have run it 100mg and i have rly insane boners...xd

sry for my english**


I did notice crazy hard ons...that's actually what my friends dad was prescribed it for lol...and I used it


they all say it increases free testosterone by binding with SHBG..and free t is ze shite ! my gym owner , a roid head swears by it.. when i used it i had rock hard hardons after a few days but i couldnt afford it at 50mg a day 25x2 daily for my entire cycle.. i could run another cycle with that much money..

"For example, Proviron® is a poor anabolic, but its extremely high affinity for SHBG might make it useful by allowing the displacement of other steroids that are more active in these tissues"

"However, it remains clear that manipulating the tendency of a hormone to exist in an unbound state is an effective way to alter drug potency"

excerpts from William Llewellyn's Anabolics 9th Edition


but aromasin would be better than proviron cause it has teh same free t increasing effect plus you can control estrogen to a higher degree than proviron but dunno why i dont see arimidex increasing free t articles.. scratching my head


They are two different types of AI, arimedex / anastrozole is a non-steroidal.

Aromasin / exemestane is a steroidal ai, increases IGF1, is a bit more aggressive, but is easier on lipids. Also helps to slightly increase testosterone levels.

The biggest difference you may notice is terrible vaginal dryness.

Proviron went out of style with Eisenhower battle jackets because there are better things to combat estrogen conversion (like aromatase inhibitors and SERMs.) But they don't do for the libido what proviron does.


Interesting about Adex vs Aromasin... sounds like proviron is a form of viagra or cialis... which i can get whenever so I guess there is no need for proviron then...


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can you still buy pharm grade deca in greece, i mean the one with 200mg/vial not 50


50mg/ampule must be NPP


I have some and I started taking some as I have a lady friend visiting. First time with it so I dunno, I heard it does increase free test and thus improves libido, so far as I understand it thats about all it does.