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Proviron Yes or No?

Hi how we all doing !

I’m looking on clearing some thought swishing round in my head about using Proviron.

So I was on 800/mg week of test 400 for 12 weeks.

So I’ve now gone onto eth this week ( Monday) mimicking natural hormonal production (125mg every 5 days).


25mg a day as well - reading up I think both E wise aromatise inhibitor and drying my out slightly while doing this low dose (I know it’s not anabolic and a androgen ) I

Then when normality resumes get back on cycle

THOUGHTS :slightly_smiling_face::grimacing:

Natural production is pulsatile and TRT/steroids isn’t so you are not mimicking natural test. The closest you will get to natural test is using T cream.

This is the T replacement section, you will get better responses in the pharma section.