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Proviron with Clomid

I have a bad Test/E2 ratio, good T levels but bad estrogen issues (not gonna get into it too much). Ive been thoroughly investigated and all the endocrinologist could offer is arimidex. Doesnt help much on its own.

Anyway, I want to try to cycle Proviron with Clomid for a while. I know it isnt anabolic, I literally want it for the androgenic side and antiestrogenic effects. I want the Clomid to prevent shut down.

Im thinking Proviron 50mg/day with Clomid 12.5 mg eod for 8 weeks then cycle off with just Clomid and Arimidex for 2 weeks. I can also add the Arimidex (or Letrozole) on cycle.

Anyone ever done anything like this? Any experience with Proviron? Let me know.

Proviron, 50mg/ day will do nothing to your HPTA. If the reason of using clomid is to avoid shut down, forget it, you don’t need it. Doses from 150 and above can do a little shut down… 50mg will do nothing, nothing, nothing to your hpta.

Did you end up trying this?