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Proviron Vs nolva (for gyno)


I can't get anything else..
but all I'm gonna use is propionate, so If both fail.. I can end the cycle fast. :slight_smile:

I don't have gyno, I havn't started the cycle yet, but If I did get itchy nipples which would be stronger?, obviously I will mix both If I have to. But I would rather not use the nolva first as this is supposed to be my pct med.


research. Nolvadex is a breast cancer med, used to block off selective estrogen receptors slowing down/stopping the growth of breast tissue. What do you think would be the best option(for most)? Not being a dick just saying its quite obviouse if you did the reading on these two compounds.

Proviron imho is from the old days. Some still use it but most moved on to serm’s.


I have read a lot of forum threads on this before posting, I got the impression that it was equivalent to a weak AI and I know AI’s are superior to SERM’s. Is there anywhere I can go to read free scholarly articles on steroids? (and hell,every other subject) Thanks.


Ai s superior to Serms? They are two different compounds for two different purposes, so how can one be superior. Both combat E but in different ways for different reasons. You wouldn’t run nolva on cycle UNLESS you have had past experience with gyno while on previous cycles and you wouldn’t run an AI as your pct…maybe with you pct tapering off.

Nolva will get rid of the itchy nipple on cycle if it pops up. An AI such as letro or adex would hopefully prevent that in the first place.

Run the provision if it’s all you have and if symptoms arrive take the nolva.

How much prop you running a week? First cycle?


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