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Proviron vs Arimidex Question


I plan on starting a cycle with test-c and winny. I plan on using proviron so was wondering if arimedex would be necessary? My pct will consist of hcg at the last half of the cycle and nolvadex 2 weeks after the end of the cycle....thanks.


I do recommend adex even with proviron, it has some nice properties, but its not the same as an aromase inhibitor for estrogen control.

The dose will be low depending on your test dose, adjust as necessary.

Looks like a “cutting cycle” to me, I assume your using 500mg or so of test.


ok no one wants to answer possibly this is a blatant troll job or maybe becuase you can search and find what you need

I will answer though kinda

proviron is an AAS its a steroid, weak one but still is a steroid.
it has some anti estrogen type properities due to its weak nature but it should never ever be a sub for an AI
which is a drug not a steroid it is a drug that stops the conversion of test to E
even if using provorion you should always have an ai and use it not have it “on hand” like everyone says
thats old “bro knowledge”
and this question is a very basic one and should be one of the first things you ever learn about AAS
infact we have stickies that explain all this in very good detail

should you even be thinking about a cycle of anything other than a full dinner plate?


[quote]esco0101 wrote:
My pct will consist of hcg at the last half of the cycle and nolvadex 2 weeks after the end of the cycle…thanks.

Wrong wording. hCG will not be part of your PCT. It will be used during your cycle as you outlined. Correct concept, wrong wording although you are right to acknowledge that it will improve the speed and quality of your recovery post cycle.

Also, you make no mention of all the info laid out in the sticky about what to include in a cycle consult post (age, stats, goal, dosages, etc). I know your main question was whether an AI is required when using Proviron, but while you’re at it why not get feedback on your planned cycle?