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Proviron Use in Bulking Cycle

Is using proviron needed in a bulking cycle?
And if yes in what doses?

Usually you don’t see it used in a bulk. What’s your plan so far?

Bulking cycle
12 weeks equi deca test E , anadrol as kick start
Airmidex EOD , liv52 for liver
Some people tell me proviron needed in cycle to protect libido
Does it do that and is it really needed?

Well, couple of things.

  1. That’s a good bulking cycle but it’s not long enough. EQ and deca are both long esters, so the compounds are excellent to put on mass but the amount of time you’re using them is much too short to really utilize them.
  2. Proviron is alleged to be excellent for libido and there seems to be very little risk with it, so adding it isn’t going to kill you. But if you don’t have a libido on 500mg of test then you’re doing something else wrong.
  3. The number of previous cycles you’ve run will determine whether or not that particular set of compounds is appropriate for you at this time.

I have did one cycle before of sustanone and deca