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Proviron + Test E

Q. for the masses…

I know that these 2 compounds go together very well and alot of people agree…

Would it be advisable to use the Proviron from start to finish ? and even through PCT?

Ive come accross alot of conflicting opinions about Proviron, and intend on using it but want to establish the “Optimum” use…

Any help would be much appreciated!

A few do use Proviron PCT, I am not one of those few. In fact, I’ll often wait a week or even two after I start my test to start proviron. I will then run it until about my last injection or so.

Would there be any complications with PCT to run it during PCT?

Why have you never chosen to run it then?

Would there be any difference to running it from the very begining?

I don’t use bridges or anything anabolic during my PCT. No anavar, no proviron, no nothing.

You absolutely can run proviron from day 1 though. I have limited supply access which is the main reason I start it late.