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Proviron Solo Experience

Hi! Has anyone tried proviron solo to release free testosterone and gently kill shbg? Can proviron solo at a low dose such as 25 mg per day block hpta? can proviron cause testicular atrophy? Thanks for reply

It is suppressive, although not totally supposedly. So, your production is at least less, kind of negating any “Freeing up” of testosterone. If it worked well solo, it would be pretty popular.

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from what I saw (it is about research) proviron does not block and at the same time improves sperm mobility. Can I constantly gently lower my shbg levels with low doses of Proviron? is there such a possibility?

You sure about that? The first results I found on it said the opposite regarding sperm mobility

It will supress you that is for sure i tryed it for a while, you´ll feel great at first but some time after you´ll feel like crap
Now i´m on 120 mg Testosterone and 25 mg proviron twice per week and i´m doing great

for now, I am a week on Proviron in low doses of 25mg or 12.5mg. on thursday i am going for a research to see how this lack has affected lh fsh testosterone and shbg. if it’s okay for now, i’ll be supplementing it in small doses to release ft