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Proviron Right Through PCT?


Hi Guys,
I don´t think this has been addressed exactly or at least explained sop perhaps you could clarify for me.

I am including Proviron in my 10 week Test Cyp cycle and have read and heard various different protocols for the Proviron. from Take it from the start until you run out to run right through PCT.

I think it is certain that the latter half of the cycle is where to include this compound but what I am not 100% certain of is if this should be run through PCT or stopped prior to PCT.

What are the benefits of using throughout PCT over finishing before?

Weeks 1-10 400mg Test CYP
PCT 18 days later
PCT Week 1 & 2 40mg Nolva
PCT Week 3 & 4 20mg Nolva

So far so good. 3 Weeks in and up 3.8 KG

Any help to get this spot on is appreciated.


Most certainly it’s been addressed. Just me alone, more than enough times for the subject to have already long since bored me to tears.

  1. Proviron does not enhance recovery in ANY way

  2. Proviron has suppressive effects on LH production

  3. Proviron masks your being able to as accurately evaluate your own recovery, since if your libido is good you don’t know if that’s from your natural T being strong again, or being in the toilet but with the Proviron substituting

  4. Proviron doesn’t serve any useful function in a cycle at all except being a weak choice as an anti-gyno agent. There are much more effective choices.

Why you want to start your PCT 18 days after ongoing 400 mg/week testosterone use I don’t want to know. The matter of why you want to use such a piddling dose I also just can’t deal with this morning. Must not be a great day. Sorry.


Thanks Bill


I would do atleast 500/wk and start PCT 14 days later…and dont use Proviron during PCT…