Proviron Purple Capsules?

Has anyone ever had proviron come in purple capsules before?

95% of what we aquire in this lifestyle/hobby is UGL. That stands for Under Ground Lab. I bet if we were allowed to source talk on here there would be as many brands as members if not more. Most UGLs get source their raws from China. In fact except for actual pharmaceutical brands and a small amount out of Russia I think all the rest comes out of China. Maybe a small amount out of India but not sure on that.

Asking if it comes as a purple capsule is pointless. I bet everyone on here has seen it come in a different package Everytime they tried a new lab. I know every lab I have ordered from has sent it in a different capsule or tablet color. Heck I have seen four different colors and four different shapes and I have tried exactly four different labs. I bet of the guys that have seen it in a purple capsule then everyone that has they have all seen a different size or shade of purple.

Proviron (mesterolone) is a fairly affordable compound so it usually isn’t faked. Since it is one of the lower priced raws then there is very little chance an UGL would substitute a more expensive compound and call it Proviron/mesterolone.

The real concern is, is it real and is it properly dosed. If you have taken Proviron before then you will know if it is legit. If you haven’t then I can tell you that for me it feels like their is this extra voice in my head, a very horny dirty talking, putting lewd ideas in my mind in middle of the day for no reason voice. Otherwise all the other things it does takes a little while to notice.

If you are really worried about it then you might be able to find one of those steroid testing kits for it online. The problem with testing orals is they tend to mix them with corn starch or flour to bulk it out so a full capsule equals the appropriate dosage. (It’s just to hard to measure exactly 25mgs of pure powder) Anyways the corn starch and flour tend to soak up the steroid test kit chemicals and then it is hard to see if the reacting agent makes it turn the desired color.

I don’t know how new you are to the world of AAS but the larger and usually more respected UGLs usually have some sort of a verification code on their packages so that someone else can’t make a fake product with their name on it. Just keep that in mind when ordering in the future. It’s just a way for the community to self check itself and help keep everyone honest.