Proviron on Cycle

I’m on the 8th week of my test e cycle and I’m up 7 kilos. I’ve been wondering if I should do proviron until the cycle is over ( 6 weeks left) to free up more test and lose some water without having to lower my estrogen (I’m not getting estro sides) it’s quite cheap and is no prescription needed in my country for pharma grade boxes of it.
what I’ve read so far gives me a general idea of a dosage and lenght of usafe but I wanted to know how are your experiences on it fellow AAS users? what dose did you run and for how long?

If you can buy pharma for a good price there’s no downside. Take 50mg/d and see how it goes. Proviron is pretty much the least risky oral that’s out there.

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yeah from what I read it’s barely hepatoxic or suppresive. just fucks up the cholesterol little bit apparently. wanted to see if people had good enough results with it for making it worth the bother. is the “frees up more test” thing really real is what I wonder. I’m all for reducing my test dosage and getting the same results if that’s true

Are there issues getting true UGL proviron (more than with other UGL steroids)? I’m considering using it in the future when I use Anavar to try and combat the ED/libido issues.

I have never seen proviron faked, at least not from any reputable lab. It’s pretty common but a little pricey. But given what guys say it does in the non-muscle building areas (libido, well-being, dryness) it seems worth it.

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