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Proviron, How Is It Used?

How is proviron used? What dose?

Proviron is an androgenic steroid, from what I remember mesterolone (proviron) is DHT with a 1-methyl group attatched. Although it isn’t c-17AA, it still has decent oral bioavailability. Proviron is rapidly broken down in muscle tissue via the 3 beta hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase enzyme, therefore it holds very little to no anabolic activity. Proviron seems to have some estrogen modulating properties as it can act as a very weak anti E. It has the ability to lower shbg significantly, freeing up more testosterone/ other whatever you are taking to be used for anabolic purposes. It is clinically used to aid in spermatogenesis and help treat androgen deficiency, however it is a poor choice as it has no anabolic capabilities. There is a myth that proviron isn’t suppressive… It is supressive, even probably at low doses, however the level of suppression doesn’t seem to be near to as significant as the level with other anabolic steroids. Proviron won’t put mass on you, bodybuilders will sometimes use it pre competition as it dries you out and will give your physique a slightly “harder” more chisled look (if you are at a low BF percentage, this will not make a fat dude look lean). Doses are typically 50-150mg per day. It seems to be quite harsh on the lipids and is quite androgenic. Proviron is also good for boosting libido (I think).

this sounds very much like masteron. I would suggest if you are interested in a proviron cycle, you should think about masteron. No liver issues.


They are actually very similar (chemical structure wise and effects wise), drostanolone (masteron) is 2a-methyl dihydrotestosterone and mesterolone (proviron) is 1a methyl dihydrotestosterone. The only difference is drostanolone is not broken down in skeletal muscle, therefore it has some (but not much) anabolic activity whereas proviron is virtually devoid of anabolic activity.

I’d really love to find a compound that could dry me out without making my joints hurt. I can’t take winny or masteron because of it. Any suggestions?

Not sure about that drying out comment, however (I think) certain steroids, particularly ones that don’t cause a lot of water retention can promote this “dry” look such as

  • Anavar
  • Primobolan
  • Tren
  • Superdrol (c17AA dimethyl drostanolone (masteron)
  • Turinabol
  • not sure about EQ since it does aromatise.
    What will factor into how “dry” you look a whole lot more than steroid use will is proper diet.
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I personally love tren. I think it is the king of all steroids but it comes with a hefty price in side effects. I’ve done 2 cycles, not even that heavy, both times the side effects affected my marriage to the point that i promised not to do it anymore.

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Super same. I made a promise. The last time I was a total fucking asshole.

@physioLojik I don’t use steroids beside trt (yet), however I become a total asshole when my testosterone falls below 200ng/dl (such as right now), would you say that is comparable, or is androgenic steroid induced aggression (pissed off ness) worse?

I don’t know if it’s comparable. Tren makes me anxious, agitated, and generally super jealous haha. It’s a tremendous steroid obviously but I asked myself if the side effects are worth it when I don’t ever plan on completing again and the answer was no haha. For me - I can stay around 230-240 and lean on just test with occasional eq and have virtually no sides. Way better choice personally.

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I had to run 200mg ed to dry out with just proviron. I’ve been able to run 50mg ed with 50mg winny ed and got better results. Nandrolone for the “dry” joints?

How strong are the pro libido effects? Could you get a noticeable libido boost using it just Thursday, Friday, Saturday for a weekend away once in a while?

I respond well to it for sure. Low doses work well.

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Tren made me feel like I was 18 again. Eat whatever I wanted, sex all the time, constantly hungry, risk taking, etc. That’s what I felt, apparently my wife did not see that and did not like who I was


Out of… curiosity. What dose of Tren made you feel like a teenager again?

Thanks guys, I also thought of turinabol and I’ll likely try it.

I honestly can’t remember. Its been a couple of years. I know I was stacking it with Test.

My first couple runs with tren a I kept it at 50 mg eod with only 40 mg test eod and it was fantastic. Some of the insane high dosages I see around here are mind boggling.

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Wow, maybe I’ll try tren one day if I ever get big enough to compete.

It’s really a great drug if you can handle the sides. Thing is - I won’t ever complete again. I’m 38 and I only care about health these days haha. I mean I’m still a good size around 230 and lean but the days of exotic drugs to get on stage are over.