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proviron fans anyone?

You seem to hear a lot about arimidex.
And how many countless times does this forum have threads about nolvadex, clomid, etc.??

My question is why don’t we talk about Mesterolone (proviron) more.

When you look at the profile for this drug it seems to have it all, especially if you use it with testosterone; it acts as an anti-aromatase, some say it downregulates the estrogen receptor (double whammy!), and lowers the SHBG effects on the test in your cycle. Also, it seems that even in exorbinant dosages it is very safe.

AND it’s cheaper than anastrazole!!!

So why aren’t we talking about it?
Does anyone use it?

I believe there was a thread about it like last week.

Check out the thread: SHBG Binding