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Proviron Experiences?

Hi guys, want to know who have used and have experienced Proviron and whats the beneficts and results obtained by this steroid. Worth it or useless?

You’ve already asked this in you’re prior thread, you could’ve just tagged people when asking… Why do people create duplicate threads?

My thread was about Deca and i dont think somebody will see, just you aswerede me there, remember? thats why I create this. Sorry…

When I was on trt, Proviron was incredible for cutting, got to 8% easily and had a harder look. Also very high sex drive. Only took 25mg a day.

No more than 3 weeks, it is harsh on lipids and I would not go past 25mg as all you need is the cutting benefits and lowering of SHBG.

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It’s actually very much androgenic. And it’s good to harden the muscle. To build the muscle it’s not a good option at all. It’s anabolic ratio is kind of similar to testosterone but test would do the way much better. In this regard Proviron is similar to halotestin with extremely high anabolic ratio and zero muscle mass gains. The good thing about Proviron it’s not suppressive. It might decrease your endogenous test but not by much like other AAS. Dosage are vary from 50 mg to 150mg. I was taking 150mg and was good. Didn’t noticed any sides from such dosage. Was running it during the cycle. Not on PCT. And don’t forget it has anti-estrogenic effect but you need to start using it 2 weeks before the main cycle to fully load it. Otherwise depending on the cycle of course and dosages but you can catch gyno. Also it will free up more testosterone. So you can reduce the dosage on the cycle of the test or test related drugs and get the same effect.

it is not harsh on the lipids and def not at 25 mgs

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And what about hair loss?