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Proviron dosing ?

I’m going to be using 50 mg of Proviron a day. Is it best to take both tabs at once or take 1 one time and the other later? Also, what time of day is best? Thanks.

As with all orals it would be best to divide dose as much as possible, for example, half a tab four times per day, not one tab twice per day.

However, if Proviron is the only steroid used, expect no gains, and if it is being added to others, expect no additional gains. Its only uses seem to be as an antiaromatase or as a prosexual agent in some users. I even tried popping them like candy once… since they were doing nothing at 100 mg/day, absolutely nothing, why not just polish them all off quickly (they’re not 17-alkylated so no toxicity issue) and even then little if any effect: might have had a little more hardness and vascularity but more likely that was just the Taraxatone I was taking at the same time.

By “popping like candy” I mean maybe 12-20 per day.

And yes, they were real for sure.

Thanks for the reply Bill. I’m using it in a stack to reduce water retention and an anti-estrogen. What about Clomid? When taking 50 mg, do you suggest a half tab in the morning and half at night?

Clomid has a half life of about 5 days so there is no need to divide the daily dose – levels will stay pretty constant through the day with once per day dosing.