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Proviron + Clomid

Hey guys, sorry if my english is not the best, its not my native tongue.

I have low total testo for just being 28 years of age.
15nmol very low libido. Tired and mental fog. I eat well and train hard.
Add on a babyface that makes me look like 18.Barely no facial or body hair. Pretty decent muscle gains during the years though.

What do you think of taking proviron and clomid combined? Im not looking after big muscular gains, but rather a better sense of well being, energy and libido.
Low dose clomid for raising testosterone without fucking up natural production. And Proviron to combat the usually hightening of E2 and SHBG from clomid, and get a boost in sexdrive/libido and general “manliness”
Ive read people that have gone from 15 nmol to 25 by as little as 12.5mg e3d clomid, but with E2 and SHBG skyrocketing as a downside. Pehaps Proviron could help combat that.

What do you think? Stupid idea?

Proviron will suppress your natural testosterone, so it’ll do literally the opposite of what your goal is. Now the Clomid is another story. Monotherapy with Clomid has been used by doctors for years to treat low testosterone. It may well work for you.