Proviron as Part of HRT

Has anyone ever given any thought to using proviron as a part of their HRT protocol? In cases where HRT may not have a dramatic effect on libido due to lower DHT levels with injections, I am wondering if use of a dht could help in that regard.

On the other hand, I have tried to do some research to find out if there is any way to increase dht naturally in which I really haven’t found much, so any thoughts or knowledge on ways to up dht would be much appreciated!

If you move to Europe, you can get prescribed Proviron. It is not a legal drug in Canada or the USA.

Apply T cream to your scrotum to boost DHT. Use a beard trimmer to reduce hair. 1/2ml 5% ED works well.

Doing injections with supplemental T cream is a good way to go. You can then apply some T cream to the penis and the nerves respond well. This hybrid approach could involve more general transdermal applications, but watch for increased E2 as well.

Compounding pharmacies used to make up DHT delivery products. But the only FDA approved source was in China and it got shut down for selling steroid powders to UG labs etc; as part if the pre-Olympics cleanup. The suppliers to compounding pharmacies cannot get DHT from a FDA approved manufacturer and they do not seem to be motivated to develop a source. I have pressured the larger national scale compounders to pressure their suppliers and I have also spent time talking to a large supplier to the compounders.

If you have a doc that is symptom driven, injected dose can be increased to get higher FT levels, and one ignores TT. That will also boost DHT. One then must watch hematocrit and one should watching PSA and doing DRE’s as a matter of course.

As FT or bio-T is increased, one will need to increase anastrozole by the same ratio - as a first approximation, then refine based on E2 lab work.