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Proviron and Gonadal Axis

hey, what’s up! so I’ve read about mesterolone and some people still say it can be used careless (okay, up to 100-150 mg a day) and it will not supress your HPTA since is a DHT derivative.

I used to disagree on that because of what I’ve learned that all androgenic steroids are supressive to the gonadal axis. I have found mixed results, even in the MD literature…so should I worry? the purpose is just it’s SHBG binding effects, to allow more free T. I know it’s not anabolic. Thanks.

The reason mesterolone theoretically isn’t particularly supressive to the HPTA is likely related with to the compounds oral bioavailability (around 3%). So if you’re taking 100mg/day you’re probably getting roughly 3mg active hormone. Not to say this isn’t enough to elicit a desired effect within the athlete/bodybuilder etc, but it serves as a good comparison.

One can’t exactly compare hormones using a mg equivalent basis (10mg oxandrolone doesn’t hold a candle to 10mg trenbolone etc); but for theoretical reference just imagine taking 3mg anavar daily, shutdown will be minimal. That being said, I believe data also exists in relation to the use of injectable mesterolone cipionate. There was one study in boys with Klinefelter syndrome given like 200mg/month??? I’d have to find the study again…

Mesterolone cipionate was supressive to the HPTA, but didn’t result in full shut-down. Keep in mind injectable mesterolone would have a far higher bioavailability comparative to oral mesterolone. You’re looking at getting far more active hormone with injectable mesterolone, even at that piddly dose.

Check lipids whilst on, data indicates mesterolone isn’t the friendliest within that department.

Also, mesterolone IS dose dependently suppressive. Why are you using mesterolone to lower sex hormone binding globulin/“increase FT”? What are your labs at baseline?

I’d put my money on this plan backfiring spectacularly. Not to say you won’t feel decent when on though… Coming off however…

Btw mesterolone has affinity for the 3-HSD enzyme within skeletal muscle tissue. So there is almost ZERO direct anabolism induced by using this.

I have labs here, although they’re not recent ones, so they won’t help… I’ll provide more recent ones. well, answering the question: the thing is quite “simple” in my case and I’ve seen this so many times before, inside the forum… everytime I lose weight doing cutting diet, my SHBG goes crazy high, my sex drive vanishes. When I get fatter, it goes up. I’m quite aware there’re plenty steroids to modulate this thing, but I’m also aware it will shut me down. I’ve heard of low-dose danazol but honestly, some people here say it can supress LH/FSH.

I can see you’ve a lot of knowledge on that subject, so may I ask if there’s anything I can do to mitigate this horrific sensation? here in my country everything is getting difficult and doctors don’t even bother to help me out. Thank you.