Proviron and Dbol

OK, I’m not looking for size but do want to get stronger, look and feel good.
45yr old male190lb tired and lazy a lot of the time,

So I orderd dbol a couple of weeks back and started talking 3x5mg ED, very low dose but I’m threading carefully.
Then I started reading a few threads and forums, and decided to get Proviron too, so I am about 14days into 3x5mg dbol, “took a break for 2 days” and 3 days on 2x25mg Proviron I want to drop the prov to 1x25mg

I Cycle a bike and feel much stronger on it over the last week, I feel good lifting weights which I have never done before so it seems like I’m getting the results that I was intending, more strength and not much size increase.
I generally feel a bit better overall especially since i added the prov.

I was planning on 4 weeks altogether with 3x5mg dbol and maybe another 3weeks on the 1x25mg Prov when dbol ends.

Is there any red flags with this? I don’t mind getting a roasting for not having a clue, but please give me some advice.


After you’re done with this cycle, when your testosterone levels hit somewhere between baby and 87 year old man, what is your plan to get back to normal?


Probably come back here and ask for advice before that happens, first to ask if that would really happen with small doses and second to ask how to deal with it…

I actually got the Prov from the PCT section of a website so thought that would be ok… maybe not?

It does the opposite of what you want it to do for pct.

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ok thanks, so i see clomid mentioned a few times, would a few weeks of that help keep things in line?

Clomid or Nolva are the usual pct drugs. Nolva is better—objectively, in scientific studies—at a lower dose and with fewer side effects. But Clomid certainly works.


Thanks @iron_yuppie
Much appreiciated

Yeah I think my concerns were covered by Iron, most weeks he is quicker than myself. I did want to chime in on the Proviron and your response to it.

Yes we have all seen the PCT plans with Proviron but it’s not a good idea. Really they need to go erase that stuff so people stop thinking it’s correct. Way back before SERMs and AIs they basically just gambled and tried to mix different steroids together and hoped they didn’t have estrogen issues. Proviron being a DHT based compound has that characteristics of helping to keep the excess water off of you, so it has an “anti estrogen like” effect. Before the SERMs guys were happy with any sort of anti estrogen effect and that’s when Proviron started being associated with PCT but it is not really doing anything to actually help you recover your HTPA loop. Technically it doesn’t have any suppressive tendencies where as every other common AAS does have suppressive qualities. So guys took it and it helped them feel less shitty after a cycle and they still recovered natural testosterone production eventually.

Proviron can make any cycle better it can also be used on it’s own and your natural testosterone levels should be okay. That boost you felt when you took it is technically a side effect but almost everyone takes it to get that effect plus it helps keep gains clean. So after you properly recover from your dbol cycle you can take Proviron on it’s own and you can take it for extended periods and you should be okay health wise. Really if you are just looking for a feel good boost to help you not feel your age and you don’t want to commit to needles to inject, then Proviron is a good choice.

Now just to cover it properly, never take any sort of steroid without some sort of testosterone base. (Proviron is the ONE exception to this rule) Your body needs test to function properly. So if you want to harden and cut like a mother fucker it’s ok to just run test at basic TRT levels like 100mgs a week along with whatever you want to help you cut. Really after reading your OP I was thinking “well if he is willing to take dbol he should try testosterone.” So depending on what you want long term then go try a basic test cycle or even try a TRT level dose and see if that helps you feel better and live better.

For now I ditto what Iron said, get some Nolvadex or clomid now for PCT. Some guys react to clomid and Nolvadex is stronger per mg so I recommend Nolvadex as the preferred choice.

If you are going to be dabbling in this world you should read up on this stuff,
Aromatase Inhibitors aka AIs
Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulator aka SERM
What compounds can be converted into estrogen, or wet compounds
What compounds can not be converted into estrogen, or dry compounds
Why we need some estrogen.
The difference between testosterone replacement therapy levels (TRT) and cycle levels of testosterone.
What is an ester and how does it effect half life of any given compound.
Difference in PCT timing for short or long esters.

I know you did some reading before you started the dbol but without directing your research to things you need to know you will probably not catch the things you need to know until after you have an issue. There are a lot of shitty sites out there then there are good ones like this one. You should develope a steroid BS detector pretty quickly if you go read up on those things i listed. I am sure I forgot something in that list so someone will probably add to it. If we didn’t direct your research you could very easily miss a piece that you need (like why no oral only cycles).

This last bit is something we all learned the hard way, never start any cycle without everything you need in hand especially PCT. It’s all to easy for something to get lost, seized, or take a long time in the mail. For the record in hand means you can touch it, not your buddy has it or it’s in the mail because you ordered it.

Wow, thanks for that very insightful response.