Provion and/or Nolvadex Against Balls Shrinking, Gyno, Acne

Hi, I was planning to do my first cycle in 1 or 2 weeks 500Mg Test E per week during 12 weeks
I would like to avoid any balls shrinking if possible and definitely acnee and gyno we told me to use proviron and nolvadex during the cycle and nolva dex as a pct which is starting from week 13 40mg a day then 20mg a day for 2 weeks the pct is 3weeks long what should you advice me guys ?

No, No and No.

Look st how people are using an AI on cycle to counteract estrogen and HCG to keep balls full from LH stimulation.

PCT should be longer…

well for the pct I found the information on the forum as one of the most rated post so you should enlight me with that, for LH i found HCG but I’m wondering if i can avoid putting more stuff in my body then same thing i found the information about nolvadex during the cycle at low dose or proviron

Ok fair enough you may have done a quick search, but cmon there are thousands of more recent first cycle posts with exactly the same info…


As far as putting more stuff in your body to keep your balls as healthy as pos during a cycle then I am afraid HCG is the only answer. People have tried SERMs to stimulate LH on cycle and it does not work…

Unless you plan to blast and cruise FOR LIFE then HCG should be used throught all steroid use - HCG should be used on cycle and not during PCT - HCG is best pinned 3x per week at 250iu. - HCG stimulates LH, so come end of cycle your body will hopefully start producing natural test easily.

You should also be using an AI like Adex on cycle to prevent test to estrogen conversion - Not a SERM like Nolvadex - Using a SERM has been shown to be inferior. - An AI acrually prevents estrogen being made rather than just stopping it binding.

Using a SERM for a longer period of timr than 4 weeks at a lower dose than the old 40/40/20/20 has been shown to be more gentle on the body and therefore being better at allowing itself to normalise after a cycle - This method is better than a short period of a high dose SERM which can stimulate the body too much!

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