Proven Ways to Lower Hemoglobin

Besides donating blood to lower Hemoglobin, does anyone have any experience with prescription medicine or over the counter supplements to lower hemoglobin?

I’ve seen videos about using an ARB such as Losartan and over the counter supplements called IP6 and Enalapril however I haven’t heard anyone say they’re actually using anything and it being effective for them.


You have two options to lower hemoglobin, lower your Test dosage or donation.

I have used IP6 at 3-4g per day and I think that helped some. I recently stopped taking it to see if my Hb/HCT goes back up, so we’ll see if that was the real cause or not in a week or so

Edit: I also use an ACE at the lowest dose, no change

mine went down from 19/20 to 18 by switching to daily Tprop, with same weekly dose, 30mg daily/210mg weekly