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Proven Testosterone Boosters?


I'm looking for an OTC testosterone boosting supplement, something that has reinforcing clinical trials, not just product hype by the company that makes it.
Are there any?
Ie., Tribulus is garbage if you actually look at the clinical trials.



Check out Alpha Male


Check out Testoboost


I have pretty good referenced information about Tribulus terrestris(extract) if anyone is interested? It's not my work however, a professional monograph.

OP I do not think you will find a test booster that doesn't have Tribulus. I have a product here I am looking at that isn't Alpha Male or Testoboost and has that ingredient in it.


Yes. Alpha Male and TRIBEX. Plenty of people (myself included) have used them and seen benefits. At 25, however, you may or may not notice significant benefits.

I disagree. However, remember that clinical trials can be useful but they aren't the be-all, end-all indicators of a supplement's efficacy. In many (most) cases, it's also helpful to look at reviews of people who are actually using the product. The overwhelming majority of people who try Alpha Male and/or TRIBEX come back with positive reviews. That's not "product hype by the company who makes it."


Why wouldn't you just get some research chem nolva or clomid?



Alpha Male has consistently worked to boost my T.


Hey Chris, have you personally had blood tests doen to confirm this, or are you just referring to it's effect on sex drive? Just curious. No hatin', just curious :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I don't know if you're referring to me, but the two times I did test before and after two weeks of use I saw a 200 point increase (ng/dl) in T.


I was referring to you. Thanks for the reply. Sorry I didn't realize "the other level 5 Chris" had posted in this thread just above. Thanks for the info. Interesting stuff. As memory serves you, had you changed anything other than including the , like coming of a cycle of AAS, PHs, drastic change in training volume and or diet (stopped cutting), etc? Thanks.


Nettle root


I was checking up on a bunch of "test boosters." Based on reviews on boards all over the place, it seems like avena sativa (which used to be in TRIBEX) is/was pretty popular. You can check up on it if you want. Apparently (from a thread I read on this board ) a lot of guys stopped taking TRIBEX when the forumla changed (a few years ago) because they (felt like) avena sativa was a big reason they responded so well to TRIBEX.

Anyway, I found a pretty good article about the subject:
Here's the list:

There is some interesting info in there. Stuff to think about at least.

Instead of 6-OXO I would opt for Rez-V and maybe with the addition of DIM.

I've just picked up some Vitex agnus-castus and avena sativa, eurycoma longfolia, and plan to start taking all that with tribulus as well.

I have some Alpha Male too and will compare this stack to Alpha Male after I'm done with it.

Also forskolin (the active component from the roots of Coleus forskohlii) is known to boost testosterone as well I think.

Besides this making sure dietary fats and cholesterol are not too low and you should be doing pretty well for yourself.