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Prov as an AI


So my source has run out of adex and doesn't carry aromasin... so I'm in a bit of a bind as I was about to start my first cycle.
He says he can give me provirion which I understand works like an AI. But would that suffice for my cycle.

Week 1-4 30mg dbol
Week 1-10 500mg test cyp
HcG 250iu twice a week while on cycle to aid in recovery

Pct nolva: 40/40/20/20

I'm not runnin a ridiculously heavy cycle, but I don't have any ai's on hand. Should I go ahead and use the provirion and if so what would be a good way to include that in my cycle. From what I understand most people don't use prov on a dbol cycle.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated


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Yep, the 'proviron as AI' thing is pseudoscience. However, if you can get masteron instead, and switch the dbol to wintrol, you'll probably be okay.


I understand from Bill Roberts that proviron does actually have some small anti-estrogenic activity, it's just far less effective than any AIs we use now, are you saying that its such a small effect that it isn't sufficient as an AI BBB?

i've never tried it and i was curious about this same thing,



Yes exactly, its ineffective as an AI. Now lets admit some guys can run 1-2 grams of gear without an AI and they live gyno free. However, if you need an AI and if you select a compound with the intent of running it as an AI proviron is not a good choice. Proviron has its place for some, granted. But as a sole and lone AI, thats sub-optimal at best. Akin to putting out your house fire with your garden hose. A lot depends on ones estrogen sensitivity of course. Myself I can run a gram + without an AI and without gyno. But again if you need an AI get an AI.
RE: mast its better than proviron but again still a second class choice. Now mast as a substitute for test to reduce total aromatization thats a decent plan of attack. That is, instead of running a G of test running 500mg test and 500mg mast. It really all depends on you and what you can and cannot handle. Some guys will get gyno from 400mg of test sans an AI. Know your body and plan accordingly