T Nation



Just got in my T-Nation t-shirt yesterday. I proudly wore it to the gym, looking badass. Three people made comments about, and asked me questions along the lines of "What is that you're in? Some kind of cult?"
I proudly replied, "Yes."

I was just hoping someone else would recognize the symbol. I need a workout partner.


Aw, cool. :slight_smile:

I've worn mine to the gym several times and got funny looks from everyone except my husband and a friend of mine who is a Personal Trainer there. (Definitely not a pansy - he is worth his weight in gold!) He frequents T-Nation often and has his own Testosterone shirt. :slight_smile:

There were these 2 guys in particular that looked at me funny every time I wore it - never could figure that out. And they never approached me. shrug Oh well. Whatever.


Um..........that's just awesome!