Proud of Myself - Squat PR

Yesterday afternoon I decided that I was going to aim for a new one rep max on my squats that evening.
I had tweaked my knee a little bit on a hike over the weekend, so I wrapped it when I got home from work before heading to the gym just to be safe.

I got in there and I was feeling pretty good about myself.

Usually when I squat it goes something like this…

8 body squats for warm-up (185lb)

Set 1: 225lbs 10 reps
Set 2: 275lbs 8 reps
Set 3: 315lbs 6 reps

Yesterday, I hit each one of those once and moved up. I hit 375lbs and felt pretty good… slapped on more weight until I was at 415lbs.

Half way into the squat I realized I couldn’t successfully do this, so I stood back up and racked it.

I lowed the weight to 385lbs and bam, I hit that!

Then to finish up, I did 4 set of 12 with 145lbs to actually do some light work on my legs.

I’m no superman, not at all. I’m probably nowhere near as good as most of you on this site, but I set a goal and came damn close to achieving it.
I really would have prefered to have hit that 415 but 385 is fine for now. I’m gonna keep aiming for that 400+ mark.

I don’t go ass to grass, I think my knees would literally rip themselves out of my flesh if I tried that. I do parallel, like low enough to sit in an office chair or something.

I just thought I’d share my accomplishment with you guys!

Excellent work man.

Thanks coutingbeans!

I honestly, as dumb as this may sound didn’t think there would be a huge difference between 375lbs and 415lbs. I thought one rep wouldn’t be a problem… holy hell was I wrong. when 415lbs is sitting on your shoulders it feels just like it sounds!

The end goal for all of this is to eventually be able to squat 500lbs. Yep. Set goals and achieve!