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Proud of my boy


Since my knee injury and subsequent surgery, I've had to live(and sometimes train) vicariously through my friend Donny.

Well on Wednesday he competed in a powerlifting competition (California Police and Firefighters) and set a new DL record for his weight class. Dude hoisted 578 1/2 for the 198 weight class. As a reference, the guy who set the record in the 220 class pulled around 570 off the deck. For a "regular dude" who has a pretty stressful/dangerous job, two kids, a wife, and a mother-in-law who lives less than a mile away, it's a pretty big accomplishment.

He doesn't have the convenience of a Military gym where he can lift however he wants, he as to deal with one of those "fitness centers" that sweats him for using chalk and doing "dangerous" movements. Two weeks ago, he got on the scales at 216 knowing that he'd have to suffer if he wanted to make his weight class.

And he did it, all by himself. All I could do is support him and with his schedule and mine I rarely had the chance to even do that.

This isn't a thread to discuss his techniques, diet, or routine, as his is similar to many others that get posted and written about on this site. But dammit he DID it, put all the right things together, made it happen, and was able to reap the rewards.

I'm proud of him, and wanted to share his success with a group of folks I know would be able to appreciate it. I know I'm motivated, perhaps his story will help someone else.

Have a good weekend everyone,



You should be proud of your son. He sounds like a helluva guy.


Wow. Very impressive. Congrats to Donny.


Hoooo haw! Bad-ass! I hope to be that powerful/strong one day.