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Proud Dad (OSU Baseball)


My son Michael hit a game winning 2 RBI double in the Big Ten Championship.


There is a video highlight link at the top of the article.


Thats about as bad ass it comes man. Congrats man, hows the strength training program that they have him on down there ?



Congrats to you and your son. I never thought i would find something more thrilling than competing myself, then my kids started to play sports.

My son won a jr high game with a double this year, so i can only imagine the excitement of that hit being for even higher stakes.

Kind of makes all those backyard BPs worth it, huh?

Congrats again!


Last year they used a program that was a hybrid of DeFranco,s stuff and corrective exercise/functional training. This year they went back to an olympic based program. Some of the players continued to use the DeFranco program.



Speaking of BP we did some Tee work and soft toss drills today. There is no time for celebration, regionals are next!

Good luck to you and your son. He will be on his way to college before you know it.