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Proud and Happy For Vanessa!

I don’t think you can go ANYWHERE today (print, magazines, T.V., even radio) without seeing or hearing Vanessa Williams. I was watching “Must See TV” the other night…and I think that she was on every-other commercial! (And I gotta give the Radio-Shack people qudos for putting couples together with “chemistry”…her and Vhing have it!)

Vannessa is there because she sells product…but she sells product because she is classy, down to earth, real and talented…and it’s those qualities that have allowed her to not only survive, but overcome a LOT of adversity in her life. (Hint, hint, The Miss America “Morals” Committee AND the jerk-of-a-slime photographer who had some pics of her semi-nude when she was a struggling young women…)

My hat goes off to a classy and talented lady!

It’s a man baby!!!

In the early 90’s while I was in college, I was friends with a guy we called Big Jack (6’3" 330). Everytime one of her videos came on Mtv he would bellow SHUT UP. No one on the floor was allowed to talk. He’d just lean in and stare at the screen until the song was over, then after a moment, he’d shout, “I LOVE HER!” It was the funniest shit. He also tore up at least two copies of the Penthouse with her in it when people showed it to him.

I remember when she was a “guest star” on the show Highlander. Impressed the heck out of me.

I’d do 'er.

Yea…Vanessa is one of those rare artist that you would call a “Complete Entertainer” (along the lines of Judy Garland,Sammy Davis Jr., eg.)…singer, actor, live stage, etc.

She’s special…

Uh…she wasn’t “semi-nude”. She was full on butt-naked, and she was doing a little girl on girl. At least that’s what I’ve heard. :slight_smile:

You heard right, Demo. Back in my youth, I bought Penthouse from time to time (like, say, once a month), and I remember that one VERY well. She had her face where a lot of guys want to go. But it was nothing like what you see today in the same magazine.

That being said, it didn’t bother me, and I thought she got a raw deal. But she has bounced back bigtime, and I think that she’s still hot in addition to her talent.

As the Holidays get closer, it seems as though there is more of V.

Again…classy lady…