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Protruding Gut/Abdomen


I have a ‘protruding abdomen’ problem. When I just stand and don’t flex my abs, my gut looks like a protruding gut. It feels very hard when I push my gut. What could be the reason for this? Just too much fat? But, even with the abdominal fat, it shouldn’t be like this.

Note: I am doing the Ramadan right now and I have drunk a lot of milk in the past few days, but even in that case, this problem isn’t new.

Ask me questions if the information I have given is not enough to help me out!

How much work do you do for your abs? Lot’s of crunches? Lots of planks?

I have seen pictures of guys who have protruding guts but it is all muscle. In that case, you might have to accept that as your natural genetic potential.

Could be posture, could be diet causing bloating, could be pelvic tilt, or it could be you have more fat than you think. Most likely a combination of a few things

Try eliminating a few foods that are common to cause problems, milk, gluten etc.

try improving your posture and holding your stomach in consciously for large parts of the day

also consider the fact it may just be fat, without pics it’s hard to guess!


I’d put my money on pelvic tilt. Seeing a picture of you from the side with your normal posture would help.

Pelvic tilt with bloating

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Others have made some good observations, I will just add that in addition to bloating, pelvic tilt, etc. it could also be visceral fat, which is under the muscle among the organs, so you will not be able to feel this kind of fat on the surface but it will make your gut protrude. This is common among those with insulin sensitivity issues often accompanied with high stress, lack of sleep, etc.

One thing you can always try is vacuums. They actually work when done consistently. Google stomach vacuums.

Funny, I was going to add visceral fat and vacuums myself. As other indicated, a picture would help from a couple different angles.

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Are you experiencing any muscular distrophy on the upper and lower extremities accompanied by an increase in shoe size? Have your caps recently started getting tighter?

Are your legs skinny for your size could be a sign of Cushing disease

weak core. Strengthen your core.

I don’t do work for my abs separately

No, it is not pelvic tilt. I know my posture well enough to see the difference

It’s most likely just a high % of visceral fat behind your abdominal muscles. It is different from the subcutaneous fat lining above it. You should work on reducing overall body fat but also avoid any sort of processed sugars. It should recede over time. A ketogenic diet would work best if you have the patience for it.

Edit: Just realised this has mostly already been stated above.