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Protruding Clavicle/Acromion, Scapula Position?


I have for some time now wondered why my clavicles protrudes at my shoulders. I stumbled upon ac separation and decided to visit an orthopedic surgeon who x-rayd my shoulders.
He told my the bones were not broken and nothing was dislocated. My joints were stable and healthy. He told me that it wasn't the clavicle protruding at my shoulders but the acromion.
Since there was no need for any type of surgery I went to a chiropractor who told me I had minor scoliosis and that there was weakness in my rhomboids and scapula muscles.
I asked him wether this ment that my scapulas were elevated and he said yes. Is it possible that my acromion is protruding due to this? The acromion must be lowered by about 1-1,5cm in order to completely hide it and it seems to have gotten worse since I started bodybuilding.

I think my upper traps have gotten too much attention at the gym while at the same time sitting by the computer alot (used to play games +10hrs a day). This is probably the cause of my problem along with the scoliosis. I have started doing exercises for lower/middle traps and rhomboids and my chiropractor told me it is looking better. I really want this fixed. I may already have the answer to my question but wanted to check with you guys anyway.

Does anyone have any experience or knowledge with this? Thanks guys :slight_smile:

Big Protruding Clavicles

what is your height and weight?


88kg (194 lbs), 184 cm (6'0)


Post a pic of the area so we can see what you're referring to. Also, to be clear: You're not experiencing any pain, mobility or other 'performance' issues associated with this, correct? (I'm referring to your experience, not to what the chiro tells you.)


It sounds like you may be referring to different acromion types. This type of thing is just an anatomic variation in bone structure. I have Type II AC joints. This refers to the shape of the bone, not an injury type or impingement type, so it can be a little bit confusing. My acromion are very prominent. It looks like I have a bony bump on the top of my shoulder. I believe it makes me more likely to have impingement or rotator cuff issues.

I also had a slightly winged scapula when I started lifting, but it's been buttoned down as I've strengthened my back. Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think the winged scapula had anything to do with this.

Here's an image of the different types. Lateral view of the scapula there.