Protruding Abs?

I was just asking a clarifying question smart big boy since you weren’t really clear

No you made an implication and called me a pedophile, stupid little boy

Don’t forget weak jaw.


That can be easily fixed with Jawzrsize

You will forgive me if I do not give your opinion on training much merit.


I love this phrasing.


You will forgive me if I do not give your intelligence much merit. Wasn’t smart enough to detect sarcasm I see. Have all your nuthugger crews to like your post. It don’t matter

Even in the presence of sarcasm, my statement still remains true though. I found my punchline more comical that way.

That’s fine. I’d rather have a guy with low intelligence to not give much merit to my opinion.

It would appear we are both happy then :slight_smile:


"I’m too shy to show my vagina "?


I just jacked off to the picture you posted and imagined it was you instead.


Holy shit

Too far?

I’m a little confused by his concern though. I see 2 issues really…

I can’t imagine a homosexual man wanting to Jack off would struggle so much to find suitable jacking off material that they happen to stumble across a thread on a body building site about protruding abs. That’s pretty niche. I would start at porn hub or something like that.

Secondly I can’t see how someone jacking off at a picture of your torso would affect you in any way. How would you even know?


Haven’t you ever gotten the chills? …Maybe, no one has JO’d to a picture of you before then.

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Nah, hilarious.

BSL is officially broken.


Just in case your posture is whack, and you do have Anterior Pelvic Tilt, and your belly does stick out, try the McGill Curl Up.

Dangerous Tip. Super Hardcore. Too extreme.

If you’ve never stood with a neutral spine/pelvis or good pusture, you don’t know what “correct” feels like.

You could find an exercise where you “push” yourself into proper position. But don’t use much weight, because you’re muscles have never been in that alignment, so it’s easy to get hurt.


Those McGill sit-ups are no joke.

i’m pretty certain my pictures have been jacked off to. And I could give absolutely zero shits about it. I also don’t think that’s the OP’s concern. I think he just doesn’t like the way he looks.