Protruding Abs?

I recently started noticing my abs protruding especially my upper abs. I have always had a pectus excavatum, so my ribcage is pushing outward a little bit. But a few years ago when I was just starting to lift, it wasn’t as pronounced as now.
I am at a fairly low bf I’d say in a range of 9-12%. I do abs once in one or two weeks, but I go heavy (weighted hanging leg raises, ab pulldown, etc). My sodium intake has also been fairly high 2700-3000 mg on average every day since I am currently getting 3500 calories (450-500g carbs).
Is it because of the water retention from this high sodium and carb intake giving the bloated look or is there something wrong with my training? I did a quick google search on protruding abs, and anterior pelvic tilt is a possibility. But I just started looking at this so I will research it more.


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I am too shy to take a pic of it. But I found a pic online that’s similar. So basically like this guy, the upper abs seems to protrude more than the lower abs and extends past the chest.

do you think that guy would still look like that if he lost 15lbs of fat?

No, he won’t because he will almost be dead. Assuming he is 170 lbs at 12 bf%, that is 20 lbs of fat, 20-15 lbs = 5 lbs of fat left, meaning he will be at 3-5% bf bodyfat like an Olympia level shredded. But abs will still protrude out. Fat doesn’t go on the bottom of the muscle.

Pretty sure visceral fat is under muscles.

Not sure I even understand what I’m reading but in the picture you posted, the abs don’t really “extend past the chest”. You can tell the lower line of the pecs is thicker than the abs. What I see is that his ribcage if a bit fucked up causing the abs to be shaped uneven - it’s ok, my ribcage is fucked up too as my abs are.
As a generic rule of thumb what I found to mitigate the issue is simply to pack on mass.

The part about bloating and anterior pelvic titlt doesn’t make much sense to me either. Bloating and ATP would affect the lower portion of your abs, your belly, giving you a gut. Doesn’t make your upper abs more pronounced, that I know of.

way to miss the point.

Your abs protrude because of body fat.

Cut a bunch of weight, and see how much your abs protrude.

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So we now have guys with protruding upper abs and clavicles. What’s next? Anyone wanna bet?


imagine you had all the t-nation ailments:

-Skinny fat
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-Protruding abs
-Pectus excavatum
-Low T

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anyway, the picture of the guy you posted just looks like a guy who lifts weights. I don’t see anything unusual about it, other than his posture is a little weird. So if that’s the basis of your comparison, then you don’t have ‘protruding abs’, your posture just sucks a little.

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Yeah man, packing more mass seems to be the only option. My ribcage is fucked up too. Luckily my shoulders are genetically broad. So that covers it up a bit

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